VIRUS MAGAZINE #16 April-May 2007 issue (German horror culture magazine)
2 pg. interview

BOOTLEG MAGAZINE # 27 2007 cover, 4 pg. interview

SPECTRUM 14 featuring "Fear of Shadows" ("Deep into the Deep")

NEWGRAVE #5 (gothic music magazine) (page and a half spread).

JUXTAPOZ May/June 2003 issue #44 "Shock Showdown" featured in Sci-Fi Western group show article.

Featured in the JUXTAPOZ gallery. Sept./Oct. 2001 issue of JUXTAPOZ.

The painting of "Death Breath" was published in SPECTRUM FIVE: the annual competition for the best in contemporary fantastic art.

SPECTRUM NINE features a photograph of "Demon in the Box". A 28" sculpture done in chavant, an oil based clay.

SPECTRUM ELEVEN featuring "To Live Forever Watching Cartoons".

SciFi Western group show cataloge featuring "Shock Showdown".

SUPER 7 magazine on japanese toy culture (1/2 page article)

SATAN'S 3-RING CIRCUS OF HELL (full page pin-up)

LIVID LOOKING GLASS (gothic and dark ambient music magazine) (cover and interview)
LIVID LOOKING GLASS companion CD music compliation (cover)


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